KM 0 Mobile or Graded

They are pre-owned phones  which are sent to official technicians, who check and repair, if they are faulty, always with original parts, according to their final state they are given a Grade, which can be A, B or C based on an established international regulation

 Do they have a guarantee?

Yes, we give you the first 15 days so you can try it, and once convinced on the quality of our product, we cover 1 year of warranty.

Grade A – 100% functionality

  • Screen without scratches
  • Immaculate back
  • Without worn away edges or shocks

Grade B 

  • 100% functionality
  • Screen without scratches
  • May present mini scratches or marks not visible to more than 20cm of distance

Grade C

  • 100% functionality
  • Scratches and marks visible in both back and  screen
  • General wear away on all phones produced by the use

As New

We realise a thorough test to check that everything works correctly and if necessary parts are replaced.

Battery completely revised

If the battery does not exceed at least 80% of its original capacity, it is replaced by a fully revised one.


All mobiles pass an exhaustive quality control and have a guarantee of 12 months since the mobile’s purchase.