Legal Warning

Legal Warning and Conditions of use

IMFAPLAS S.L. makes available the website (hereinafter referred to as the Website) with the following Conditions of Use.

1. Acceptance of the User Conditions

By accessing or using this website, you agree to be legally attached to by these Terms of Use and all the terms and conditions contained or mentioned in the web pages. If you DO NOT accept all these conditions, you will NOT access or use the Website.

2. Modification of the Conditions

IMFAPLAS S.L. can modify these Terms of Use at any time. The modification on the Terms of Use shall apply once they have been published. It will is understood that you accept the modifications if you continue accessing or using the Website after the publication. We advise you to review all appliable terms and conditions.

IMFAPLAS S.L. reserves the right to interrupt make changes or updates on the Website or its content at any time and without prior notice. Likewise, IMFAPLAS S.L. reserves the right to restrict, reject or terminate the access of any person to the Web page or a part of it without prior notice and for any reason, at its sole discretion and with immediate application.

3. Privacy Policy

The personal information provided or collected through this web page of the website is an exclusive document in accordance with the IMFAPLAS S.L. Privacy Policy. These Terms of Use are subject to this Privacy Policy.

4. Disclaimer

All the information (including, a merely anaicing and non-limiting title, texts, images, graphics, links and other materials) of the Website is provided in your current situation. IMFAPLAS S.L. Conditions of use, to the extent permitted by law, any type of guarantee of any kind, express or implied, suitability for any purpose and operation of this page.

In particular, IMFAPLAS S.L. offers no guarantee that (i) the Website will meet your needs, (ii) the website will be available in an uninterrupted, correct, safe and error-free manner, or (iii) the results that can be obtained from its use ( Any information or materials on this website) are correct, complete, accurate, reliable or otherwise meet your needs.

5. Registration

To access product information through the Website, you must make an account as a customer. This registration is free and is only intended for professionals use.

When an additional email notification and a password appears as data access, additional personal information is necessary for the proper service that IMFAPLAS S.L. provided through this web site.

You have committed to keep your registration correct and updated and maintain the confidentiality of your access data and especially your password. Likewise, you accept to assume responsibility for the activities that are carried out through your account, username and password, that may be due to your conduct, omission or negligence. If you are aware of any adverse or prohibited conduct in relation to your account, you agree to contact us immediately through the means available and indicated it on the Website.

6. Prices

All sale prices are shown in euros.

In the price shown for each product, VAT and shipping costs are not included, which depends on the method selected and the number and weight of products shipped. These expenses are paid by the user and added to the total number of selected products, shown before confirming the order.

IMFAPLAS S.L. reserves the right to modify prices and / or shipping costs at any time and without prior notice. These modifications will be valid at the time of publication and will be applied to all orders with date / time after the same.

7. Availability

Orders will be shipped within the available stock limits.

IMFAPLAS S.L. puts  great effort in keeping the stock updated, so if a product is out of stock, it will usually be notified before making the purchase.

If for any reason this notification is not possible, IMFAPLAS S.L. undertakes to indicate it within a period not exceeding five (5) business days from the  order placement date .

Given this eventuality, You will have the right to cancel the order totally or partially, with the corresponding amount being reimbursed. If you decide to proceed with the purchase, the order will be served when there is enough stock for all the products ordered, even if this means the unfulfillment of the usual delivery terms.

8. Shipping method

Over 800 euros of purchase, the shipment is  free of charge to the address that you indicate at the moment of placing the order.

For minor orders, transportation costs will cost 6 euros. This amount will be indicated at all times during the order.

The usual delivery times are between 24 and 48 hours on business days.

IMFAPLAS S.L. does everything possible to respect the delivery deadlines mentioned, however, can not be held responsible for the consequences due to delays, loss of packages, etc. on behalf of the transportation contract or unforeseeable or insurmountable causes of force majeure.

9. Payment modes

IMFAPLAS S.L. offers different payment methods.

If you choose to pay by bank transfer, your order will be retained until you make the corresponding payment in the indicated account. Once the entry has been checked, the order will be sent.

For other payment methods, you should contact IMFAPLAS S.L.

IMFAPLAS S.L. reserves the right to modify at any time and without prior notice the account number for the  payments, so you must should check this account number in each operation performed.

10. Right of revocation

The User has 72 hours from the goods delivery  for the return of a  not satisfactory product . To do this, you must first contact IMFAPLAS S.L. by any of the available methods, indicating the reason or reasons for its return.

Only products that are shipped with their original packaging, in perfect conditions and complete will be accepted. Items that have been sent incomplete or damaged by the Client will not be accepted.

The refund will be made once the correct condition of the product has been verified and by means of the same payment method used to place the order.

The possible expenses that may involve the return, such as shipping costs and insurance, will be borne by the User except in the case of defective products. This assumption must be indicated before the shipment. Under no circumstances will shipments sent by post be accepted, except in those cases expressly authorized by IMFAPLAS S.L.

11. Claims and suggestions

For any suggestion, complaint or comment, you can contact:

C / Santa Orosia 38, local. 50010 Zaragoza
Phone: 976 33 00 66

12. Resolutional clause

The total or partial failure by the User of any of its obligations, and in particular the delay of payment by any of the methods, could imply, at the discretion of IMFAPLAS S.L., the cancellation of the orders in course.