Production and services

In Imfaplas S.L. we perform and manage from the initial design based on the customer’s idea , plans, 3D. We take care of the construction of the mold and other elements necessary to acheive the project.

For the manufacturing of our customer’s products, we have a fleet of injection molding machines from 30 tons to 580 tons with piece weights of up to 3,000 grams, with the possibility of assembly and handling. Likewise, we have specialized machinery for the manufacturing of containers by blowing.

We work with metal inserts molds, hot cast and cold block, with double expulsion, articulated or with cores.

In order to meet  our customers needs and to adapt to the market evolution, we work with both technical and aesthetic high performance materials, such as: PA, POM, PUR, PS, PP, PE, K-resin, PET, ABS , Rubber, Reinforced and modified plastics.


We use raw materials for the creation of all our products (no recovered materials are used), they have sanitary registration suitable for food industry  and comply with FDA regulations if intended for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

We advise and develop projects with technical-economic feasibility of  for the design of new pieces or products,  we therefore offer the client the development of different ideas and projects.

In all our manufacturing processes we carry out continuous quality controls to ensure the correct finishing in all the manufactured parts.

In order to acheive the customers satisfaction, we collaborate with first level suppliers of raw material, automation and engineering, to develop and design the best solution for each need.


Imfaplas S.L. manufactures bottles and containers by blowing in HDPE, LDPE, PP and capacities between 18cc and 5000cc.

Using PET we manufacture containers  with 2000 cc capacity. and 5000 cc.

All our containers are intended for the chemical, food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, complying with the regulations in force for each case.

Imfaplas S.L. offers its customer a fully finished product, container with stopper, obturator or technical piece, and screen printing.

Screen printing can be done in:

• All capacities
• All types of packaging: bottles, jars, cans, stoppers
• All materials: polyethylene (PE, PEHD, PELD, LDPE), polypropylene (PP) PET.