Mobile Phones

In Imfaplas S.L we are specialists in cell/mobile telephone provider sales since 2000.  We have continued with the opening of new lines of business oriented to the emerging demand for new technologies. Innovation and constant evolution towards our client are the bases of  Imfaplas.

Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance.

  • Quality
  • Commitment
  • Professional supply of our products

Our widespread knowledge of the market and experience allows us to adquire in different markets, always guaranteeing the best market price and minimizing the possible stockout.

Active service

  • Common delivery time 24 hours, confirming in any case with quotation.
  • Online information on delivery.


"Offer added value to our customers each time"


"Enabling our customers to be leaders in technology"


Our customers are mainly distributors, consumer channel, wholesalers and telephone operators.

Our market is extensive and international, we have clients in the America, Europe and Asia.